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Should You Download Jigsaw Trading?


If book order trading piques your interest, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, it’s worth getting acquainted with Jigsaw Trading. This platform caters to both retail and institutional traders, providing an array of resources tailored to book order trading. Users have access to a wealth of educational content and trading tools designed to enhance their trading strategies.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of any trading platform is crucial before making a commitment. In my review of Jigsaw Trading, I aim to cover all the essentials you should consider.

This includes exploring what Jigsaw Trading has to offer and evaluating whether it meets your trading needs. So, should you download Jigsaw Trading? Keep reading to find out all you need to know to make an informed decision.

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Should You Download Jigsaw Trading

Ultimately, whether you should or shouldn’t download Jigsaw Trading comes down to what you need to add to your trading arsenal. If you dabble in book order trading, you should consider Jigsaw Trading because of the following beneficial features:

Jigsaw Trading Tools: These include a range of signals and indicators aimed at simplifying the process for day traders to interpret market moves through the order book. These tools help in enhancing traders’ ability to make more informed and effective trades without providing direct trade execution indicators.Education Resources: Jigsaw Trading divides its educational content into three tiers. The basic level includes free resources like videos and blogs ideal for beginners. The advanced tier offers more in-depth training for seasoned order book traders, and the highest tier caters to institutional-level trading strategies.Support Services: Known for excellent technical support and a dynamic daily chat room, Jigsaw Trading aids traders with setup, troubleshooting, and strategy discussion. It also offers a demo mode for practicing trading strategies with live data.Platform Compatibility: Works on both Windows and Mac (via Bootcamp/Parallels), with tools like Daytradr Trading Platform and Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in compatible with multiple data feeds and platforms.Daytradr Trading Platform: A comprehensive platform catering specifically to day traders, offering connections to various data feeds and trading platforms.Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in: These tools enhance your existing trading platforms by connecting them with Jigsaw’s Daytradr for seamless integration.Charts & Tools: Includes daytradr Charts, Jigsaw “LTF” Charts, and Depth & Sales tools to provide detailed market insights with minimal setup.Auction Vista: Delivers a detailed view of order flow, identifying market trends, iceberg orders, and potential turning points.Trade Simulator: Offers realistic trading simulations for practicing limit and market orders, ideal for testing new strategies.Pace of Tape (PoT) Smart Gauge: Assists in evaluating the pace of market activity, aiding in trade decision-making.Reconstructed Tape: Enhances time and sales data with alerts for significant order flow events, aiding in market analysis.Position and Orders Analysis Window: Facilitates efficient workspace management and direct trading capabilities, enhancing overall trading efficiency.

Jigsaw Trading Pricing

Jigsaw Trading offers a free membership as well as 3 paid plans. Here is my breakdown:

Free Offering:

Jigsaw Trading is enticing new users with a promotion that includes free training resources, a significant plus for those just starting out or looking to dip their toes into the platform’s capabilities without financial commitment.

Paid Plans:

There are three tiers available for those ready to invest in Jigsaw’s full suite of tools and educational resources:

Independent ($579): The base plan gives you access to the Daytradr platform, Journalytix, a trade calendar, leaderboard, chat room, trade simulator, support, and introductory training materials.Professional ($879): This middle-tier plan includes everything from the Independent package with the addition of advanced order flow training.Institutional ($1,979): The top-tier plan, aimed at the most serious traders, offers all the benefits of the Professional plan along with institutional-level training and a year of group therapy sessions.

For live trading, remember there’s an additional cost for data, priced at $50 monthly or $500 for an annual subscription.

Additional Tools and Features:

All paid plans come with numerous benefits designed to enhance the trading experience and education:

Lifetime platform license for two PCs.Lifetime free platform support, including one-on-one screen sharing.Continuous free platform upgrades.Lifetime access to cloud-based trade analytics via Journalytix basic.10 hours of foundational order flow education.Access to a free chat room for community interaction, not for trade calls.Widgets for news and economic releases to assist with market prep (though not in real-time for the Independent package).A Trader Leaderboard for performance comparison with peers.Opportunities for free one-on-one chats to discuss trading challenges.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of book order trading can be complex, but Jigsaw Trading streamlines this process, offering tools and resources suitable for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. With its comprehensive educational materials and practical trading tools, Jigsaw Trading is designed to elevate your trading skills and strategy, regardless of your current level of expertise.

If you’re contemplating an upgrade to your trading toolkit and seeking a platform that combines education, community support, and advanced trading tools, a download of Jigsaw Trading might be the solution you’re looking for. Ready to take your trading to the next level and explore all that Jigsaw Trading has to offer? Click Here to start your journey with Jigsaw Trading today.

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