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UC Trading Reviews And Ratings: Do Users Think It Is Good?


UC Trading is quickly becoming a go-to resource for traders at every level, from beginners to seasoned pros. It’s not just the positive UC Trading reviews and ratings that caught my eye; it’s their thorough day trading course that truly sets them apart.

This course doesn’t just cover the basics; it dives deep into the strategies that successful traders use to make their mark in the financial markets. What’s really special about UC Trading is how they tailor these strategies to fit your unique personality, making sure you’re not just learning, but you’re learning something that feels right for you.

In this UC Trading review, we’ll explore how the platform masterfully blends technical and fundamental analysis to give you a solid foundation, whether you’re interested in stocks, futures, or the ever-expanding world of digital assets.

With a keen focus on personalizing trading strategies and a rich curriculum that covers everything from day trading basics to the nuances of prop trading, UC Trading offers invaluable insights into navigating both traditional and digital financial landscapes.

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UC Trading Reviews And Ratings

Although there are relatively few UC Trading reviews and ratings out there, there are quite a few positive ones. Here are some of the most telling reviews I came across:


1 review


Apr 7, 2023

Alex is the best amongst equals.

Alex is the best amongst equals in the Futures trading coaching arena. He doesn’t blow is Trumpet and I guess that is because he is a trader first and not a salesman.He always takes his time to give feedbacks in a very thorough way, that shows he takes delight when student succeeds. I am surprised he is coaching because the feedbacks must have taken a lot of effort to do.In a nutshell, you will understand how the market really works, if you are willing to do the work he will set for you. You will understand where the buyers and sellers are positioned in the market and how to take advantage of that information.

Date of experience: August 01, 2022


2 reviews


May 7, 2022


Very professional and helpful.I had a problem with footprint(number bars) template purchased and decided to ask Alexander for help.By the way one of the best and most important cheapest templates over the internet available on his website.About an hour after sending an email I got text from Alex who kindly fix it for me in just couple of minutes using TeamViewer.I’m very impressed.Well done.

Date of experience: May 07, 2022

Lavorris White

1 review


Oct 8, 2021

The Man with the Keys to seeing inside candlestick charts.

I’ve been working with Alex for some time now and he’s the real deal when it comes to explaining how to use the market profile, footprint and candlestick charts, The guy is a master technician when it comes to both explaining how to use the market profile, footprint and candlestick as well as installing it onto your laptop, PC ect. He’s changed my whole outlook on day trading with using his system I will recommend him to anyone that is thinking about using his system and implementing it with day trading you cant loose. #Facts


Date of experience: October 08, 2021

How Does UC Trading Work?

UC Trading offers a structured educational journey for traders at all levels, blending theory with practical application. Whether you’re just stepping into the world of day trading or looking to sharpen your existing strategies, UC Trading has designed a curriculum that progresses through three meticulous phases to cater to varying levels of expertise.

Phase I starts with the basics for beginners, delving into market structure, trading tools, and the foundational logic driving market movements, with a recommended study period of one month. This stage sets the groundwork for understanding the intricacies of financial markets.

Phase II shifts focus towards applying and internalizing trading principles. This phase incorporates real-world practice through the Discord Trading Room, facilitating interactive sessions, reviews, and practical applications over a span of approximately three months. It’s designed to transition theoretical knowledge into actionable trading strategies.

Phase III elevates the learning experience with personalized one-on-one coaching, focusing on customizing strategies to fit the trader’s unique personality and goals, aiming to refine these strategies for peak profitability. This phase represents a long-term commitment to mastery, extending three months or more, underscoring the importance of individual dedication in the pursuit of trading success.

UC Trading’s methodology is comprehensive, combining online courses with practical exercises and continuous feedback loops. Key learning components include Market Profile, to identify areas of interest and critical price levels; Volume Profile, which helps in recognizing significant volume patterns and market absorption; and the Candlestick Chart, essential for deciphering candlestick formations and price action.

This holistic approach ensures traders gain a well-rounded understanding of market sentiment, efficiency, and a grasp on both crypto and traditional markets, making UC Trading an invaluable resource for anyone serious about day trading.

UC Trading Pricing

UC Trading was established in 2018 and based in London. The current price for their educational system is 1499 euros, which works out to $1615 at the time of writing this.

Final Thoughts

UC Trading is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for traders at every experience level, and it’s easy to see why. Beyond the glowing UC Trading reviews and ratings, it’s their comprehensive day trading course that truly distinguishes them from the rest.

This course goes beyond mere basics, delving into the nuanced strategies that mark the difference between success and failure in the trading world. What makes UC Trading uniquely appealing is its personalized approach to strategy development, ensuring that what you learn not only enhances your trading skills but also aligns perfectly with your individual trading style.

Ready to take your trading to the next level with a platform that’s as invested in your success as you are? Click Here to dive deeper into UC Trading and start transforming your trading strategy today.

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