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This AI startup has the backing of Jensen Huang, Joe Montana and Jeffrey Katzenberg


The unlikely trio of Nvidia Corp. Chief Executive Jensen Huang, Super Bowl legend Joe Montana and former Walt Disney Co. Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg do have something in common.

They’re all backing enterprise AI startup Alembic, fresh off $14 million in series A funding led by WndrCo, the venture-capital firm started by DreamWorks founder Katzenberg, and others including Liquid 2 Ventures, the venture-capital firm started by Montana.

“Alembic has a breakthrough solution for a problem I’ve seen throughout my career: Measuring results from marketing initiatives,” Katzenberg said in an interview. “I look at it as both the Holy Grail and Fountain of Youth” in determining what you’re spending and what you’re getting.

Alembic’s software predicts revenue and ROI from marketing and sales cycles by analyzing and evaluating unstructured data from TV, radio, social media and digital marketing that is anonymous and privacy-protected. Its customers include Nvidia Corp.
Texas A&M University and nautical company North Sails.

“Our technology is like a full-body MRI machine,” Tomás Puig, co-founder and chief executive of Alembic, said in an interview. “Our customers say, before Alembic, what they used to evaluate marketing was like an ultrasound that only looked at one part of the body.”

Company officials estimate the market is more than $1 trillion.

Added San Francisco 49ers great Montana, who is managing director of Liquid 2 Ventures: “In sports and in business, it’s difficult to predict outcomes, but Alembic enables enterprises to accurately predict revenue and ROI from all the components of their marketing mix.”

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