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Is Take Profit Trader Reliable? The Information You Need To Know


In the world of prop trading, where the potential to increase earnings exists, not all firms offer the same level of support. Take Profit Trader stands out by aiming to boost traders’ success, focusing more on sustainable earnings rather than on flashy, complex features.

The unique aspect of Take Profit Trader is its dedication to trader education. They offer what used to be paid courses for free now, believing that well-informed traders can make smarter decisions and, ultimately, more money.

So, wondering is Take Profit Trader is reliable? Keep reading while I give you the details you need to decide if Take Profit Trader is right for you.

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Is Take Profit Trader Reliable?

Take Profit Trader, located in Orlando, Florida, has established itself as a credible prop trading firm. This reputation is significantly attributed to James Sixsmith, the company’s founder and CEO, who is well-regarded in the trading community.

His leadership and extensive experience in trading have played crucial roles in formulating the firm’s strategic direction and innovation, cementing Take Profit Trader’s status as a reliable partner in proprietary trading.

Take Profit Trader Pros & Cons


Swift and comprehensive customer support ensures traders can receive guidance and answers promptly, enhancing the overall trading experienceThe platform’s withdrawal process is streamlined for efficiency, allowing traders to access their earnings swiftly without unnecessary delaysA high profit-sharing model, offering traders an 80% share, incentivizes success and aligns the firm’s interests with those of its tradersProfessional account holders benefit from the availability of three reset opportunities, providing a safety net and encouraging risk managementTraders have the freedom to choose from an extensive array of trading platforms, catering to different preferences and strategiesA diverse selection of futures instruments broadens trading opportunities and market exposureOnly a singular payment is required for professional account holders, eliminating recurring fees and simplifying budget managementRealistic profit targets set by the platform promote achievable goals, guiding traders towards sustainable successRegular trading competitions offer additional incentives and opportunities for recognition, motivating traders to perform their bestTransparent communication from the firm ensures that all traders are well-informed and can make decisions with clarityThe risk management system in place is designed to protect both trader and firm, promoting a culture of careful and calculated trading activity


Current limitations exclude trading in popular markets such as forex, stocks, or cryptocurrencies, narrowing the scope for diversified investment strategiesThe absence of support for MetaTrader platforms restricts traders who prefer or are accustomed to these widely used systemsRestrictions on automated trading strategies limit the use of algorithmic approaches, potentially hindering those who rely on this methodRules against holding positions overnight or during significant news events can disrupt certain trading strategies, particularly for those trading in different time zonesA monthly fee applies during the evaluation phase, which may deter some potential traders from participatingSome traders have expressed concerns regarding specific trading rules, which may affect their ability to trade freely and effectively

Take Profit Trader Pricing

Take Profit Trader presents a variety of account sizes to suit traders at every level, with options ranging from $25,000 to $150,000. The subscription fees for these accounts start at $150 a month for the smallest account and go up to $360 for the largest one.

This structured pricing model is designed to accommodate both beginners with limited capital and seasoned traders looking for bigger challenges. An interesting aspect of Take Profit Trader is their unique offer for Pro Traders: after paying a one-time setup fee of $130, the monthly fees are waived.

Take Profit Trader Rules

Take Profit Trader sets straightforward rules for traders to follow. They require you to wrap up trading before the market closes at 5 PM ET and you can start again at 6 PM ET. This gives everyone time to think over their trading decisions.

The platform doesn’t allow trading during big news events to avoid unpredictable market swings. They also have special rules for trading products like oil and bonds during certain times.

For the program itself, you need to trade for at least ten days and aim for a 6% profit target. This shows you’re serious and consistent in your trading. They also set a maximum amount you can lose in a day and a limit to how much your account can drop, which helps you avoid big losses.

These rules are there to make sure you trade carefully and keep an eye on your growth without taking on too much risk.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive world of proprietary trading, Take Profit Trader stands out for its commitment to helping traders achieve long-term success. They prioritize education and sustainable profits over complex features, making it a solid choice for both new and experienced traders. The firm, led by industry expert James Sixsmith, has garnered a strong reputation for reliability and comprehensive support.

Key advantages include excellent customer service, an efficient withdrawal process, and an attractive 80% profit share for traders. The platform supports a variety of trading styles with different account options and realistic profit targets.

While trading comes with rules to ensure disciplined investment, such as specific trading hours and restrictions during major news events, these guidelines help manage risk and promote steady growth.

If you’re intrigued by what Take Profit Trader has to offer and are considering whether it’s the reliable fit for your trading needs, why not dive deeper? Click Here to explore further and potentially start your profitable trading journey with Take Profit Trader.

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