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Getting The Best Price On Trade The Pool – Discount Available And Free Tools Included

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In this Trade The Pool review, I’ll be looking into the offerings of a proprietary trading firm that’s part of the wave of companies democratizing access to global stock markets. Trade The Pool (TTP), an extension of the successful Five Percent Online Ltd which operates, stands out for its commitment to creating a viable career path for traders. With a team that includes Founder Gil Ben Hur, CEO Michael Katz, and a cadre of 16 devoted members, TTP is noted for its innovative funding program that emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the firm and its traders.

The expertise of Trade The Pool is built on years of specialization in funding traders, boasting senior active traders with direct experience in the field. This depth of experience is a cornerstone of the platform, aiming to foster a lucrative trading environment. TTP is driven by its commitment to transparency and trust, especially crucial in an unregulated trading environment.

For traders looking for a proprietary firm that values partnership and offers a solid foundation for trading careers, Trade The Pool might be an attractive option. It’s a platform that reflects the evolution and possibilities in the world of stock trading, designed to support and elevate talented traders.

This platform’s commitment to growth, transparency, and trader success makes it worthy of consideration. To learn more and find out about getting the best price on Trade The Pool, continue reading.

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Getting the Best Price on Trade The Pool

For those looking into getting the best price on Trade The Pool, I have good news for you. There is a promotion in which you can receive a 5% discount using my link. As far as the normal pricing, Trade The Pool offers 4 different options. Here is my breakdown of each pricing tier and the associated rules:

Mini Buying Power ($97 one-time fee):

Buying Power: $20,000Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $900Profit Target: $1,800 (2xDD)Payout Title: 50/50 splitDaily Loss: $300Minimum Trades: 30Pump: 5%Trading Period: 45 daysTraderSync: FREE

Super Buying Power ($300 one-time fee):

Buying Power: $80,000Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $2,100Profit Target: $4,200 (2xDD)Payout Title: 60/40 splitDaily Loss: $700Minimum Trades: 30Pump: 5%Trading Period: 45 daysTrendSpider/TradeIdeas: FREETraderSync: FREE

Extra Buying Power ($475 one-time fee):

Buying Power: $160,000Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $3,900Profit Target: $7,800 (2xDD)Payout Title: 70/30 splitDaily Loss: $1,300Minimum Trades: 30Pump: 8%Trading Period: 45 daysTrendSpider/TradeIdeas: FREETraderSync: FREE

Ultimate Buying Power ($1,240 one-time fee):

Buying Power: $260,000Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $6,000Profit Target: $12,000 (2xDD)Payout Title: 80/20 splitDaily Loss: $2,000Minimum Trades: 30Pump: 15%Trading Period: 45 daysTrendSpider/TradeIdeas: FREETraderSync: FREE

Trade The Pool Benefits

Now that you are aware of the pricing and rules, let’s get into the Trade The Pool differentiators. Here are the features that sets Trade The Pool apart from other prop trading firms:

Pump and Dump Feature: Dynamically adjusts a trader’s risk parameters. The “Pump” increases daily loss allowance and buying power after consecutive profitable days, while the “Dump” reduces them following a string of losses, maintaining a balance between encouraging success and limiting risk.Experienced Team: Brings proven expertise and a solid reputation from their success with, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy trading environment.Four Account Sizes: Offers a range of account sizes to suit different trading styles and goals, from Mini to Ultimate Buying Power, providing tailored options for traders at all levels.14-day Free Trial: New traders can explore the platform’s features and capabilities with a two-week trial period, allowing a risk-free assessment of the service.Extensive Stock Access: Provides access to over 12,000 stocks and ETFs, offering a broad range of trading opportunities and diversification options.Responsive Customer Support: Available through various channels, including a comprehensive FAQ section, direct contact information, and active social media engagement, ensuring traders have the support they need.Reset/Bypass Button: Allows traders to bypass the daily pause after hitting the loss limit, enabling them to quickly re-enter the market when they spot an opportunity. The cost varies by account size, offering flexibility and responsiveness in fast-moving markets.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up my Trade The Pool review, it’s clear to me that the platform presents a compelling package for traders looking to navigate the complexities of the stock market. Trade The Pool stands out with its innovative “Pump and Dump” feature, which dynamically adapts to a trader’s performance, along with a range of account sizes that cater to various levels of trading ambition and experience.

When considering the value proposition offered by Trade The Pool, there are a few major considerations. First of all, you have to take into account that you will be receiving free trading tools such as TrendSpider, TradeIdeas, and TraderSync. You also must factor in that you will be getting the best price on Trade The Pool by using our 5% off discount.

This combination of advanced tools, dynamic trading adjustment features, and cost-effective pricing makes Trade The Pool an attractive option for traders aiming to maximize their potential in the markets.

The platform’s commitment to responsive customer support and the Reset/Bypass button’s flexibility for urgent trading decisions underscore its trader-centric approach. With a solid team reputation and a commitment to transparency and empowerment, Trade The Pool is geared towards providing traders with the resources and support they need for success.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to elevate your trading game, Trade The Pool offers a blend of technology, support, and flexibility designed to foster success. To explore these features further and begin your trading journey with an innovative partner, Click Here.

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