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Getting The Best Price On Tiller Money – Take Advantage Of The 30 Day Free Trial


In this Tiller Money review, I will highlight how it stands out as a top-tier financial management tool. At its core, Tiller Money is a unique, spreadsheet-based system that syncs with your bank accounts, offering a highly customizable platform unlike many mobile budgeting apps. This adaptability allows users to modify data, test various financial scenarios, and utilize a range of Tiller Money’s templates for detailed reports on cash flow, expenses, and retirement savings.

Tiller Money is not just about customization; it’s also about integration and ease of use. It seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets and Excel, bringing automated updates and daily email summaries to keep you informed about your financial status.

Its straightforward interface ensures that even those new to spreadsheets can navigate and manage their finances effectively. By merging these robust features, Tiller Money provides a comprehensive view of your financial life, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to take control of their budgeting and financial planning.

To find out all the details and about getting the best price on Tiller Money, read on.Learn More About Tiller Money

Getting the Best Price on Tiller money

If you are looking into getting the best price on Tiller Money, you might be disappointed to hear they currently aren’t offering any discounts. What they are offering, is a 30-day free trial to take it on a test drive and see if the features are worth the price.

You might be wondering what the price on Tiller Money is, well their pricing structure is very straightforward. Unlike other budgeting apps that offer tiered account plans and complicated add-ons, Tiller Money is priced at $79 per year. This price includes all of their features we are about to get into.

Tiller Money Features

Here are the most beneficial features you will get for your straightforward $79 membership fee:

Ease of Use for Beginners: Tiller Money is designed with pre-configured templates and step-by-step guides, making it accessible even to those new to spreadsheets. It includes educational resources like webinars and tutorials to help users effectively manage their finances.Learning Resources: Offers a variety of educational content including webinars, how-to articles, and video tutorials to assist beginners in mastering spreadsheet functions. It also provides a supportive community and customer support for guidance.Flexibility: Provides the versatility of spreadsheets, allowing users to customize their budget to fit their unique financial situations. Whether it’s for personal, family, or small business finances, Tiller Money can be adapted to meet various needs.Automatic Updates: Syncs daily transactions and balances from various financial institutions automatically into your spreadsheet, saving time and effort from manual data entry.Envelope Budgeting: Incorporates the “Envelope” or zero-based budgeting method into its spreadsheet environment, offering an effective way to plan and control spending.Privacy: Focuses on user privacy with bank-grade security measures to protect data and a commitment not to sell user information to third parties.Vast Template Options: Features an extensive library of ready-to-use templates catering to a wide range of financial scenarios, from tracking debt to monitoring net worth.Tiller Foundation Spreadsheet: The central component of Tiller Money, including tabs for insights, transactions, categories, monthly and yearly budgets, and balances. It provides a comprehensive view of your financial health.Debt Planner Spreadsheet: Available through Tiller Community Solutions, this add-on helps users develop and track a debt repayment plan using data from connected bank accounts.Retirement Planner: An add-on linked to the Cash Flow Forecast spreadsheet, allowing users to plan for retirement by forecasting future earnings and making informed decisions.Profit and Loss Report: Adapts business financial documents for personal use, enabling users to understand and manage their financial health as if running a business, identifying areas of profit or loss.

Limitations of Tiller Money

In my opinion, the benefits outweigh the limitations, but I will let you know about some of the potential shortcomings of Tiller Money. Here are a few cons you should consider:

No Mobile App: Tiller Money is exclusively accessible through a spreadsheet, lacking a dedicated mobile application for on-the-go finance management.Subscription-Based Only: There is no free version of Tiller Money available, and it does not offer a monthly payment plan, requiring a commitment to its annual subscription model.Spreadsheet Proficiency Required: Users need a basic understanding of spreadsheets to navigate and effectively use Tiller Money, which could be a barrier for those unfamiliar with this type of software.Limited Alternative Investment Tracking: The platform does not support automated data pulls for cryptocurrencies or other alternative investments, limiting its utility for users with diverse investment portfolios.Potentially Overwhelming for Novices: The reliance on spreadsheets and the depth of customization available can be daunting for users new to this form of financial management or those who prefer more straightforward tools.

Tiller Money Alternatives

If any of the aforementioned limitations is a red-flag for you, there are other quality budgeting solutions you can consider. If you need a budget, YNAB is here to help. Although it does not offer as many features as Tiller Money, YNAB is a popular choice for those that subscribe to the zero-based budgeting theory. To learn more about zero-based budgeting and how YNAB helps with this, my Tiller vs YNAB article is a good starting point.

Any discussion of budgeting solutions wouldn’t be complete without covering one of the originals, Quicken. In business since 1984, Quicken has continued to refine and improve its product to match clients needs. Today Quicken offers a comprehensive software for those looking for detailed investment performance and retirement planning solutions. My Tiller vs Quicken comparison will show how the two compare.

If you were a Mint user and are looking for a similar budget planner, Tiller Money is a good choice. To see which Mint features are present in TIller money and to see how they stack up, consider checking out my Tiller Money vs Mint review.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident to me that Tiller Money offers a powerful, flexible approach to personal finance management, particularly for users who appreciate the detail and customization that spreadsheets provide. Its wide array of templates, automated data updates, and robust privacy measures are significant advantages for anyone looking to take a comprehensive and active role in managing their finances. The educational resources and community support also make it a sold option for those new to spreadsheets but willing to learn.

Ultimately, if you’re interested in taking control of your financial life with a detailed and adaptable tool, make sure to take advantage of the 30-day trial to ensure you are getting the best price on Tiller Money.

For a closer look and to take the first step towards a more organized financial future, Click Here.

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