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FundedNext Complaints And Negative Ratings: What Do Users Like And Dislike


FundedNext, a proprietary trading firm that launched in 2022 after two and a half years of development, offers a range of funding options tailored to different trading styles. In this FundedNext review, we explore the firm’s unique features and its appeal to traders.

A standout aspect of FundedNext is its scale-up plan, which ambitiously caps at $4,000,000, demonstrating their commitment to supporting traders in their career growth. The firm’s profit split is quite attractive, ranging from 60% to 90%, and traders benefit from perks like no time limits and a 100% refund on their subscription fee, complemented by a 15% profit split from the demo phase.

Traders at FundedNext have the freedom to trade forex pairs, commodities, and indices, with the added advantage of a 0% commission on indices. The firm operates internationally, with locations in the USA, UK, UAE, and Bangladesh.

As a leading proprietary firm for forex traders, FundedNext has established a solid track record in the industry. It offers up to 1:100 leverage and provides opportunities for traders to scale up their account size every four months, contingent on successful trading.

However, when considering joining FundedNext, it’s important to be aware of FundedNext complaints and negative ratings. These can offer insights into the firm’s performance and customer satisfaction, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from this forex prop firm.

Continue reading to determine if FundedNext aligns with your trading goals and strategies.

What Is FundedNext?

FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm. Founded in March 2022 by Abdullah Jayed, a recognized entrepreneur in the digital and retail trading industry, FundedNext offers substantial capital to proficient traders.

Headquartered in the UAE, with offices in the USA, UK, and Bangladesh, the firm starts traders off with up to $200,000 in capital. This amount can increase as traders successfully meet specific performance criteria.Learn More About FundedNext The foundation of FundedNext lies in Jayed’s broader vision, established with the inception of Jayed Corp in 2016, focused on creating global employment opportunities and innovating for simplicity. FundedNext embodies this vision by empowering skilled traders to achieve their career aspirations.

FundedNext operates in partnership with Eightcap brokers, a well-regulated Australian financial services company.

FundedNext Complaints And Negative Ratings

Before I get into what users like about FundedNext, I would like to address a couple negative ratings and complaints they have received. I must mention that FundedNext has a very high average rating of 4.7 out of 5 starts on TrustPilot, so these negative experiences aren’t the typical user experience.

Lets address some specific complaints:

Louis Solomon1 review


3 days ago


FundedNext is a good platform. The challenges are fair and the customer service is excellent. I am not keen on how you lose your challenge phase profit after passing if you breach your funded account prior to the first payout.

Date of experience: November 16, 2023

This complaint about FundedNext brings up an important point. With FundedNext, as well as other prop trading firms, make sure you are well versed on the rules before trading. If you violate rules, your account can be frozen without access to profits you have accumulated.

Awkwa Finna1 review


Jan 13, 2023

everything works out just as…

everything works out just as advertised, with the exception of a few MINOR hitches here n there….but its expected in every prop firm…my only issue is news trading…am a swing trader who holds positions for up to 5 days so am always going to have a running trade during the news….due to that no news trading rule i have had to close my trades extremely early at a loss or small profit only for them to soar in my direction and hit TP…all this to avoid losing my account…..if only you made exceptions because this is really hurting my equity curve….plz reconsider this

Date of experience: December 21, 2022

This negative rating stems from FundedNext not allowing news trading. If this doesn’t align with your trading strategy, maybe FundedNext is not your best option. I must note that this rule of not allowing news trading, is common in the prop trading space.

If you want to scour the internet further for more FundedNext complaints, you can consider taking a look at the FundedNext Reddit reviews. Although  I must warn you, I spent a good deal of time reading through them and did not find anything of value.

FundedNext Benefits

Now that we have properly addressed some of the complaints against FundedNext, let’s get into what people like about them. Here is what I think makes FundedNext a reliable prop trading partner:

Fast Account Access: Efficiently designed for quick access to funded accounts, often within minutes.Vast Capital Availability: Traders can access up to $4 million, with the potential to retain 90% of profits.Realistic Profit Targets: Sets attainable and reasonable profit targets, avoiding overly challenging objectives.Competitive Commissions and Spreads: Offers trading assets with reasonable commissions and raw spreads, suitable for various trading strategies including scalping and exotic pair trading.Leverage: Provides up to 1:100 leverage across all accounts, allowing appropriate lot sizes even with small stop losses.Mobile App Accessibility: Features an Android app for on-the-go trading, with an iOS app also forthcoming.Dedicated Account Manager: Personal account manager allocated to each trader for individual support at any time.Trust and Transparency: Partnership with ASIC-regulated broker EightCap, enhancing credibility and trader confidence.

FundedNext Pricing

FundedNext offers a variety of pricing options for its evaluation model, catering to different levels of trading capital. The pricing structure is divided into three main challenges: Stellar, Evaluation, and Express. I will break down each for you:

In the Stellar Challenge, the prices are set as follows:

$59 for a $6,000 funded account.$119 for a $15,000 funded account.$199 for a $25,000 funded account.$299 for a $50,000 funded account.$519 for a $100,000 funded account.$999 for a $200,000 funded account.

For the Evaluation Challenge, the pricing is slightly different:

$49 for a $6,000 funded account.$99 for a $15,000 funded account.$199 for a $25,000 funded account.$299 for a $50,000 funded account.$549 for a $100,000 funded account.$999 for a $200,000 funded account.

Lastly, the Express Challenge mirrors the Evaluation Challenge in terms of pricing:

$49 for a $6,000 funded account.$99 for a $15,000 funded account.$199 for a $25,000 funded account.$299 for a $50,000 funded account.$549 for a $100,000 funded account.$999 for a $200,000 funded account.

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Final Thoughts

FundedNext stands out as a noteworthy proprietary trading firm offering various challenges tailored to diverse funding needs and budgets. From the Stellar to the Express Challenge, FundedNext provides a range of pricing options, allowing traders to select a program that best fits their financial capabilities and trading goals.

The firm’s commitment to empowering traders through accessible capital, combined with a structured evaluation process, positions it as a strong contender in the proprietary trading space.

However, as with any trading platform, it’s important to consider FundedNext complaints and negative ratings. This balanced approach ensures you have a complete picture of the platform, aiding in an informed decision-making process about whether FundedNext suits your trading style and objectives.

For traders interested in exploring the opportunities, discover for yourself if FundedNext is the right fit for your proprietary trading journey. Click Here to get started today.Get Started with FundedNext

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