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Best Funded Futures Trading Firms: The Top 6


The world of trading can be both thrilling and intimidating, especially for newcomers eager to dive in without risking their own cash. This is where funded trading accounts come into play, offering a golden opportunity for both beginners and seasoned traders.

For beginners, it’s a chance to get their feet wet without the fear of losing personal funds, while experienced traders see it as a path to leverage substantial capital and elevate their trading game without shouldering the financial risk themselves.

Funded trader programs have carved a niche in the trading community as a bridge to professional trading. They’re not just about providing capital; they’re about opening doors to greater earning potentials while keeping personal investments safe. However, not all programs are created equal, and finding the right fit involves sifting through a variety of options, each with its pros and cons.

This guide aims to shed light on the best funded futures trading firms out there, breaking down what makes each option appealing and the considerations that could impact your bottom line as a funded trader. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale new heights in your trading career, understanding the ins and outs of these programs can be your key to success.

Best Funded Futures Trading Firms

Here is a list of the best funded futures trading firms and some general information including the pros and cons of each:

Top Step

TopStep, launched by Michael Patak in 2012, quickly transformed from a budding idea on the Chicago Board of Trade floor into one of America’s fastest-growing proprietary trading firms, earning a prestigious spot on the INC.5000 list. With its headquarters in the bustling West Loop Gate of downtown Chicago, TopStep has built a solid reputation for creating a dynamic and supportive trading environment that welcomes a variety of trading strategies and focuses on futures and forex markets.

The heart of TopStep’s offering is the innovative “Trading Combine,” a monthly challenge where traders engage in real-time simulated markets. Those who shine in these challenges have the chance to manage a funded account, bringing a sense of competition and achievement to the trading community.

Transparency is key for TopStep; the firm makes sure traders know exactly what’s expected with detailed guidelines on trading rules, fees, and the path to funding.

What makes TopStep stand out:

It’s welcoming for newcomers, with manageable starting capital requirements.Offers compatibility with a wide range of popular trading platforms.Rich educational content, including live classes, supports trader growth.New traders can explore with a 14-day trial period.

Areas to consider:

Achieving funding requires meeting strict criteria.Membership fees are more affordable than before but might still be a hurdle for some.

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Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader, founded by James Sixsmith, a former pro ice hockey player, stands out in the world of trading for its unique approach. Transitioning from sports to trading, Sixsmith faced early financial losses, experiences that fueled his drive to support other traders. His firm, focusing on Futures trading, aims to give traders the financial boost they need, wrapped in a package of simplicity and clarity to maximize their trading potential while keeping their finances secure.

Education is a cornerstone of Take Profit Trader’s philosophy. The firm has unlocked its vault of previously premium courses, offering them free to all traders. This move underscores a deep commitment to nurturing trader knowledge and skills.


Quick and easy first withdrawals without a waiting period.Pro accounts benefit from three resets and a selection of trading platforms.A one-time fee for pro accounts, with realistic profit targets.Engaging trading competitions with enticing prizes.


Currently, trading options are limited to futures; forex, stocks, or crypto aren’t on the menu.MetaTrader platforms aren’t available, and automated trading is off-limits.Monthly evaluation fees apply, and there are no free trial offers.

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Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding sprang from the vision of three seasoned experts determined to uplift the individual trader’s journey. Understanding firsthand the hurdles of starting from scratch and the risk of dipping into personal savings, they crafted a haven for traders to hone their skills without the financial worry.


Tailors to various trading styles with multiple evaluation pathways.Offers the freedom to trade any time, catering to traders’ unique schedules.Rewards successful traders, allowing them to keep 80% of their profits after earning their first $12,500.Failed evaluations? No worries, you get a free reset each month to try again.


The set daily loss limit and maximum drawdown could intimidate beginners.

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Apex Trader Funding

In 2021, Darrell Martin launched Apex Trader Funding in Austin, Texas, steering his career from ranching towards fostering a new generation of day traders. Apex Trader Funding stands out by offering traders around the globe the chance to handle futures contracts, including smaller micros, with the company’s backing.

The firm’s distinctive approach, highlighted by its One-Step Evaluation Process, simplifies the path for traders aiming for funding.


Variety in account sizes, allowing for contract sizes up to $300,000, which accommodates a broad spectrum of traders.Rules are clear-cut and easy to grasp, aiding traders in compliance and strategy planning.


The prohibition on overnight positions could restrict traders who employ long-term strategies.A one-step evaluation might not meet the needs of traders who prefer a more thorough vetting process.

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TickTick Trader

TickTick Trader, hailing from Romania, is recognized in the prop trading industry for its expert-led team and a focused approach to futures trading. The firm is driven by a clear objective: to empower traders to achieve their highest potential without the risk of losing personal capital. This approach allows individuals to chase their trading dreams with the backing of TickTick Trader’s robust support and resources.

The platform is adaptable, offering an array of funding models to suit various levels of experience and trading styles. Traders can choose from Evaluation Accounts, Express Plans, and Direct Accounts, each with specific rules and risk considerations to match different trading objectives.


No mandatory minimum number of trading days, providing flexibility.The ability to trade on news events, opening up more strategies.A clear maximum position size to manage risk effectively.


The necessity for third-party tools may complicate the trading process for some.The focus is exclusively on futures trading, which may not suit all traders.

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Earn2Trade, founded in 2016 by Ryan Masten, emerged with the mission of nurturing capable futures traders through high-quality educational content. Officially launching its online presence in 2018, Earn2Trade has quickly made a name for itself, combining futures trading education with opportunities for traders to secure funding through its unique programs.

At its core, Earn2Trade functions as a comprehensive educational platform, guiding traders to hone their skills in the futures market. The platform offers two main tracks toward potential funding: the Trader Career Path and the Gauntlet Mini. Each path employs a detailed virtual trading environment to evaluate a trader’s performance and facilitate their development.


A clear progression system, setting distinct objectives for traders.An abundance of learning materials to support trader education.Inclusion of Level 2 data, providing deeper market insight.No ongoing fees for traders who achieve funded status.


Lack of support for Forex market trading.A $100 minimum threshold for withdrawal requests.

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