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Acre Gold Complaints And Negative Ratings: Is It A Scam?


In this Acre Gold review, I will dive into the unique approach this Santa Monica-based precious metal company takes in the world of gold investment. Acre Gold stands out with its subscription-based model, offering what they term a ‘layaway program’. This program allows investors to make fractional purchases towards a full gold bar, shipping the bar only once the full payment is completed.

Given the rising inflation and market volatility, many are turning to precious metals like gold as a potential hedge. Acre Gold’s model provides an accessible path for those who may not have the funds to purchase a whole gold bar upfront.

However, when considering this investment option, it’s essential to be aware of Acre Gold complaints and negative ratings. These insights can offer a more balanced view of the platform’s reliability and effectiveness as a gold investment avenue.

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What is Acre Gold?

Acre Gold, operating out of Santa Monica, California, offers a subscription-based service focused on providing physical gold bars or bullion. This company has established a unique method for investing in precious metals, targeting those who prefer the convenience and security of a home investment without the need to interact with pawn shops or questionable third-party dealers.

Partnering with fintech veterans, Acre Gold has designed its service with a deep understanding of gold’s value as an investment strategy. Unlike other precious metal companies, Acre Gold’s subscription deals exclusively with gold products, meaning options like silver, platinum, and palladium are not available.

The company prides itself on its singular focus on gold, ensuring a straightforward and effective approach to buying gold. This focus eliminates the hassle of searching for trustworthy vendors in the market. Acre Gold sources high-quality gold bullion with exceptional purity, reportedly at 99.9%.

Acre Gold positions itself as a modern and accessible solution for acquiring precious metals, addressing what they believe to be outdated methods in the current market. By owning actual gold, they offer customers a sense of security and peace of mind, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Acre Gold Complaints And Negative Ratings

Before I go any further with Acre Gold details, I will first address some complaints I came across while reading the negative ratings. Most of the negative ratings I saw from customers were about the high price of their gold bars. Another user addressed these complaints when he wrote:

Adam W


To anyone thinking about using Acre’s subscription model: first research and understand spot price vs retail price. Second, know your state’s tax rates. Almost all of these negative reviews seem to be misunderstandings by the customers about these things. Acre’s prices, even with fees and state tax, are within an acceptable range. I’ve compared with Apmex and others. I have one subscription, $100/month toward a 5g gold bar. After a few months, they ship my gold. It’s easy. I’ve reached out to their customer service twice and was helped both times to my satisfaction. The only thing I’d recommend is that, instead of a partially-filled gold bar roughly representing payment progress, show the actual current amount I’ve paid toward the next bar shipment. Anyway, I used to work in sales/customer service and I’m getting gray hairs reading some of these ridiculous negative reviews. Acre is cool, they’re not ripping anybody off, I think there’s just a lot of misunderstanding about how the retail gold industry works.

Adam is 100% correct, some new precious metals investors think they will get the spot price and are alarmed when realizing the actual retail price is higher. Typically, precious metals investors will end up paying 2-5% over spot price for their physical gold.

If you want to read more complaints, you could look at Acre Gold Reddit reviews. I spent a lot of time scrolling through the Reddit threads and didn’t find much valuable input.

Acre Gold Benefits

As I mentioned before, Acre Gold offers a unique subscription-based service for purchasing physical gold bars. Let me breakdown their pricing structure:

Initial Fees: A one-time membership fee of $12 is charged at sign-up, along with shipping and fulfillment charges for each gold bar shipment.Monthly Subscription Plans:$30/month for a 1-gram Acre gold bar.$50/month for a 2.5-gram Acre gold bar.$100/month for a 5-gram Acre gold bar.$250/month for a 10-gram Acre gold bar. Each plan requires you to pay until reaching the price threshold for the corresponding gold bar, which is then shipped to you.

Outright Purchase Options: For those not interested in subscriptions, Acre Gold offers outright purchases of gold bars, with free domestic shipping. The prices vary based on the weight of the gold bars, ranging from $125.89 for a 1-gram bar to $873.92 for a 10-gram bar.

Physical Gold Subscription Details:

All gold bars are of .9999 purity and come with Acre Gold’s logo and a soft-touch box for storage.The subscription plans range from a 1-gram bar at $30/month to a 10-gram bar at $250/month.

Digital Gold Option:

Acre Gold also provides a “Digital Gold” service where you can finance the purchase of gold, and Acre Gold handles the storage for a $1 monthly fee.This option still includes the membership fee, taxes, and shipping/fulfillment fees.

Redemption Process for Digital Gold:

Digital gold can be redeemed at any time for physical gold, subject to a quote that may not match the open market’s best price.Redemption incurs shipping and fulfillment fees, with the physical gold shipped via USPS.

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Final Thoughts

Acre Gold presents an innovative and accessible approach to gold investment through its subscription-based service and outright purchase options. With a variety of plans catering to different budget levels and investment strategies, Acre Gold offers a unique way for individuals to gradually build their gold assets.

However, when considering an investment with Acre Gold, it’s crucial to also take into account Acre gold complaints and negative ratings. This balanced perspective will ensure you have a well-rounded view of the service, helping you make an informed decision about whether it aligns with your investment goals and expectations.

For those intrigued by the prospect of investing in gold and curious to learn more about Acre Gold’s offerings, as well as to understand the full scope of user experiences, Click Here to explore further.Get Started with Acre Gold

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